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Telenursing: Bend Staffing Costs and Reduce Nurse Attrition with Innovative Technology

The US is in the middle of its largest nurse staffing and burnout crisis in 20 years. According to the NSI 2023 National RN Staffing Report, the cost of nurse
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Telenursing with Oracle Health and Children’s National Hospital

Stop nurse shortages and increase patient and nurse satisfaction. Join telenurse experts from Oracle Health Innovation and Children’s National Hospital to get frontline insights and practical advice on how to implement a successful virtual nursing
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The Future of Ukraine Healthcare | Zoryana Skaletska, former Ukraine Minister of Health

Join special guest Zoryana Skaletska, PhD, former Ukraine Minister of Health (2019-20) and attorney specializing in international medical and pharmaceutical law – live from the Ukraine war zone. We will
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Building A Chronic Care Management Program That Can Scale | Ajay Gehlot, MD, MBA

Reducing emergency visits by 30% with CCM Chronically ill patients in the US account for 81% of all hospital admissions, 76% of all physician visits and 90% of the $3.5
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Marc Heiser

Los Angeles County Case Study: Deploying Telehealth to 1.2 M

Innovating Equitable Telehealth for LA County The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) is the largest county-operated mental health department in the United States, directly operating 85+ programs
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Digital Patient Engagement Strategies for Post-COVID Success | Chris Nicholson, mPulse Mobile

Drive COVID Vaccinations, Medication Adherence With AI Chatbots, Automation, Personalized Content... COVID has accelerated the adoption of telehealth and healthcare consumerism trends. According to CMS, at least 39% of Medicare
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Designing Hospital Telehealth Beyond COVID-19 |Reza Sadeghian, MD, MBA

Additional Q&A How sure are the healthcare providers about the diagnostics possibilities over the camera? There are studies in internal medicine indicating that, for example, there are more follow-ups for
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Deep Dive Into Telehealth Adoption: Covid-19 and Beyond | Doreen Amatelli-Clark

How has telehealth adoption changed following the pandemic and what are the implications for the future of telehealth? Join market research expert and owner of Way to Goal, Doreen Amatelli-Clark to talk about
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Winning Telehealth Grant Funding: Lessons Learned | Jean Polster & Geoff Millener

The FCC, the Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies have BILLIONS of dollars set aside for telehealth and broadband grants. This webinar shows you how your organizations can create
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Secrets To Marketing Telehealth To Your Patients | Justin Knott

Proven tips for marketing telehealth to your patients – Intrepy Healthcare Marketing CEO Justin Knott Telehealth can be a revenue-generator for your practice…if it’s done right. Understand how COVID-19 has
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Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Online Therapy Practice Going | Roy Huggins

How do you successfully start and sustain your online therapy or counseling services? Should you expand your brick-and-mortar services or go 100% virtual? How do you choose a technology platform
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VA Telehealth for COVID-19 and Beyond

President Trump’s 2018 VA MISSION Act removed all geographic and licensing barriers for doing VA telehealth. This has made it possible to provide greater access and better care to more
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5 Tips For Building a Successful Telepsychiatry Practice

Get best practices for starting and growing your own telepsychiatry practice, and set yourself up for success. Learn: What are some of the legal and regulatory factors you need to
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Billing and Coding for Telehealth During COVID-19 | Michael Enos

 Questions on Telehealth Reimbursement? Coding and reimbursement rules are changing almost daily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join our guest speaker Mike Enos and get practical guidance on billing and
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Getting Started with Telemedicine #6 – Practicing Physicians Panel | Webinar Series

Panel Discussion: Telemedicine in Practice View Recording now Tips from Physicians in the Trenches Hear from physicians who have made the transition from doing in-person only visits to telemedicine. Learn
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