vsee Philippines medical mission

VSee Provides Free Clinic for the Philippines Scavenger Kids

This August the VSee team returned to the Philippines on a new medical mission provide free telehealth and in-person doctor visits to the underserved.  We worked with a local nonprofit Soup Kitchen Cainta which serves scavenger children and elderly of Cainta Rizal in the eastern Metro Manila.  We served 153

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hospital health system telehealth implementation

Arizona Hospital Association Brings Telehealth COVID Care into the Homes of Vulnerable Populations

Project Goals: Bringing COVID-19 Palliative Care Into the Home “People want to be at home. They don’t want to go to the hospital.” That was the goal of the The Arizona Palliative Care Telehealth Program for COVID-19: to treat people where they’re at through telehealth and to keep them out

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