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Doctors Aren’t the Only Ones Leaking Your Health Data

health data breach pic

Health care is not the only industry that leaks your personal health information (PHI) according to Verizon. Businesses in every industry collect health data on their employees. Whether it’s for wellness programs and employee benefits or workers’ compensation, there are many ways employers and businesses can get hold of your health data. Continue Reading…

VSee Update for Windows

VSee api update releaseThis is a minor VSee release for Windows only. Make your life a little easier with the new AV setup shortcut.  Check if you’re updated to this latest version

  • Windows Version: 3.1.3 (22680)


  1. Added keyboard shortcut to bring up “Audio and Camera Setup” window: Ctrl+Shift+A
  2. Automatically resizes the app-share window to fit the receiving side’s screen.
  3. Fixed exceeded limit for line annotation on app-share.

Continue Reading…

VSee Growing its Singapore Team

VSee is on a roll with recruiting! Our family of creative professionals around the world has nearly doubled in the past year and we’re looking to double again in 2016! In Singapore, we’ve added several new hires, including 10 alumni from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Check out the full house at our VSee Singapore team lunch.

VSee Singapore Team 2016

Our CEO, Milton Chen, also did a whirlwind round of four recruitment talks at the NUS campus.Continue Reading…

Three Reasons Why HealthSpot Died

HealthSpot kiosk in RiteAid

HealthSpot, the poster child for telemedicine kiosks has suddenly and abruptly shut down. Its fall is rather poignant considering its much touted Continue Reading…

VSee Telemedicine Used to Successfully Diagnose ENT Cases in Rural Rwanda

Rwanda telemed pilot

A few weeks ago in mid-November, VSee got to be a part of a really neat field test using telemedicine to bring Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist care to rural Rwanda.Continue Reading…