Vivox Acquires Droplet Video Chat

Persony: Is Avaya On A Video Acquisition Spree?

P.S. An inside source recently let the cat out of the bag that Avaya is not only on its way to a happy union with video conferencing provider Radvision, it apparently also has the hots for Persony, a virtual company that makes full-featured web and video conferencing software for private labeling.   …

Radvision Videoconferencing: Latest Avaya Acquisition Ups Ante For Cisco

Did H.323 Kill VCON? Is Blue Jeans Next?

VSee Your Secure Alternative to Cisco H.323/SIP

Security has always been a top priority with VSee.  In fact, VSee was created and designed right from the start to ensure data security.  Unlike the H.323/SIP systems such as Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, etc. which have been getting attention lately for the security risks they may pose, VSee makes security fairly…

Cisco’s Umi Goes The Way of the Neanderthal

Is Your Polycom or Cisco Secure Against Eavesdroppers?

Brother Acquires Nefsis

Brother Industries which is probably best known for being a printer solutions manufacturer completed its acquisition of Nefsis cloud-based video conferencing solutions late last week. Learn More About Nefsis and Brother Nefsis webconferencing review Bloomberg Nefsis snapshot Forecasts of Brother by 8 polled analysts say to hold Bloomberg Brother snapshot lists…

Blue Jeans = Skype + Polycom: Water And Oil Don’t Mix

photo credit: bitjungle Blue Jeans Network is a hot video conferencing startup that has been gaining a lot of attention even since before the public release of its product earlier this year.  They raised $23M from a set of A-list investors with its cloud-based solution that aims to bridge any…

Will Adobe Ax Connect?

Yesterday Heyward Drummond from Adobe Systems commented on the VSee blog: “Rest assured Adobe Connect which was just named by PC Magazine as the best Web Conference Solution for 2011 is not going away. Adobe is concentrating it’s sales and marketing efforts (sales force) on government and education markets. The U.S. Dept.…

Time to Look for An Adobe Connect (Flash) Alternative?

Last Wednesday, Adobe blinked in its long standing Flash face-off with Apple when it announced that it was ending Flash development on mobile platforms in favor of HTML5.  In the subsequent hullabaloo raised by defiant Flash developers and exuberant Apple and HTML5, a Reuters article reported that Adobe “plans to…

In the Year of Video Calling

ViVu: Another Concubine For the Polycom Fiefdom

VSee vs. Flash: Video Conferencing Considerations

Convenience The beauty of Flash for video conferencing is that it’s nearly ubiquitous.  Unless you happen to be working on student computer in a public school, Flash is probably already installed and running like a deer on your computer.  In fact, if you can watch videos on YouTube,, or…

Vidyo Scores $22.5M Again

VSee vs. Vidyo: Simplicity Is Key

Announcing VSee’s Do-It-Yourself Telepresence Over 4G Wireless

Video Conference In Your Web Browser?

I was chatting with one of our developers, Rishi, trying to understand why would Google want to opensource the full audio and video stack they acquired when they bought GIPS (i.e. give away perfectly good code that they spent plenty of money to purchase).  He explained that one reason is…

A VSee Telepsychiatry Story

Summary:  VSee user Dr. Russell E. Brown shares how VSee has helped him successfully practice telepsychiatry. Last week I got to speak with neurologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Russell E. Brown from Atlanta, Georgia.  He is the Program Director of Avenia Behavioral Management and works with elderly patients suffering from such issues…

Video Calling Going Mobile?