Telehealth Implementation & Tips

How To Keep Your Job When It Moves

Alert! You Have Too Many Unread E-mails

California Dreamin’ (of Telework)

VSee for Paso A Paso Online Language Learning

VSee Features Highlight: One-click

Everyone knows that “less is more,” right?  VSee’s dedication to this common-sense design principle into action by making it possible for anyone to get started using VSee with just a single click from its home page.  There is no downloading and no installing involved for the user. If you’re interested…

Dealing With Sexual Harassment In A Video Conference

Telework: An Antidote To Micromanaging

Teleworking Without Power, Courtesy of Irene

Videoconference Interviews Are Replacing The Face-to-Face

Telework: Taming A New Frontier

Eight years ago when a friend told me about her coworker who lived 3 or 4 hours away from their company and worked from home most of the week, I was astounded.  Now I’m in an even more extreme situation, living a couple of thousand miles away from company headquarters…

A Great Customer Service Experience Can Be One Click Away

Summary:  An example of how a one-click Skype call improved my customer service experience, and how a VSee video call with screen-share could make it even better. Yesterday afternoon, after discovering that my tires had been slashed, I was online trying to figure out if my insurance policy would cover…

Why It’s Important To See Your Coworkers

Summary:  Mirror neurons may be the key to explaining why it’s so important to see people for social interactions. With the remote work revolution seriously getting underway, a recent article from Knowledge @ Wharton Today reminds us that remote workers may be losing more knowledge than we know from the…

Freedom Rings–You Can’t Run From It Anymore

Here is a link is to a video I made of a Primerica agent who swears by Ring (powered by VSee).  This was at the Primerica show a few weeks ago.  If you fast forward to about 6:00 min, he does 1:45 min story on how he showed an elderly, reluctant…

Time To Jump On the Teleworking Bandwagon?

VSee’s No Vacation Policy

Summary:  Inspired by Hubspot, VSee is also implementing a policy of “no policy on vacations” as a company culture hack.  Let us know if you think it will work! Who’s The Nut With The Bright Idea Dharmesh Shah is a serial founder that I admire a lot for his scientific…

Team Building: A Lesson From Rugby

Someone had asked earlier what team building exercises VSee does.  My initial reaction was “we don’t,” because we don’t really do ropes courses or packaged team building retreats, but I realized that one of the most important team building exercises we do is the daily stand-up meeting.  Jason Yip of Thoughtworks…

A Missing Link in the History of the Videophone

There are many historical time lines of videoconferencing on the Internet. A nice one is from an earlier post on this very blog. Most of these histories identify the AT&T ikonophone as the first working video phone. Although a milestone in its own right, it was not the first videophone…

How Critical Is Instant Messaging When Making Video Calls?

I Was A Remote Stalker


No Teleworker Left Behind

If a teleworker is fearing that he or she is less valued than an on-site worker I would say either 1) that person has a bad manager or 2) that manager doesn’t know how to manage a remote team.  It has been well-documented that remote workers lose a lot of…