VSee Secure, Low Bandwidth Telemedicine For Remote Rescue

VSee Secure Telemedicine at SOMA

VSee spent last weekend showcasing its low-bandwidth secure telemedicine capabilities at the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) Symposium. The audience was amazed at VSee’s extreme low-bandwidth capabilities which used less than half the bandwidth of Skype, Vidyo, and OpenTok.  They were even more excited when they saw how simply VSee integrates with medical devices – from ultrasound to dermatology cameras – and how easy it is to deploy in developing countries.

We shared our stories of doing remote ultrasound in Gabon, bringing healthcare to post-earthquake Haiti and receiving the ATA People’s Choice Award.

Many of the people interested in VSee were medics and disaster relief project managers or directors based in places like Afghanistan, Africa, and Haiti.  The poor networks in these places make video conferencing extremely difficult or even impossible. They see VSee as a means to help them save more lives and provide better medical care for the people serving on the frontlines. By allowing medics to connect with remote experts from a clinic, VSee would allow them to better conduct remote rescue in ambulances, operate on disaster victims in the field, or anywhere!

SWAT medics and VSee

Becky, VSee Director of Medical Applications with S.W.A.T. medics

cut suit demo at SOMA

Cut suit demo at a neighboring booth

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