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Art Therapy: The Fast-Track to Healing And Rehabilitation

Art therapy is among the most cutting-edge approaches to treating symptoms of mental health, including depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. For instance, a review of over 15 clinical studies found that art therapy has “statistically significant positive effects” in treating issues with mental health and self-esteem. Clinically speaking, art therapy…

Mental & Behavioral Health Use Cases: Exponential Growth of Online Therapy – Lynn Hamilton (Talkspace)

Lynn Hamilton is the Chief Commercial Officer at Talkspace responsible for strategy and enterprise growth across multiple sectors including employers, payors, health delivery systems, universities and local, state and federal agencies. Presentation slide below <<== Back to Telehealth Secrets Conference Recordings

Technology to Take Online Speech Therapy Around the World

When Ali Heller’s son, Julius, first started speaking, she noticed he had some trouble with stuttering. Family and friends told her not to worry about it and that he would grow out of it. However, at 3 years old, his stuttering had not gone away, moreover, it was beginning to…