VSee Clinic Release: 3.1 Web and 1.9 Mobile – Meeting Based Calling

We are excited to announce updates that will be coming out with this release! This is scheduled to be rolled out to all VSee Clinics next week. Please check out the summary below.

Note: We will provide more detailed information soon.

VSee Clinic 3.1 (Web)

General Users

  • New – Meeting based calling (Beta). Please contact VSee Support to try this in your clinic.
  • New – Show spinner when appointment slots are being loaded
  • New – Reduce dependency on Stripe to avoid VSee disruption if Stripe is experiencing downtime

[Clinic Admin] Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • New – Ability to overwrite some forms per room
  • New – If not assigned to any room, Admin will be directed to admin panel immediately upon log-in 
  • Fixed – Missing chat event, upload file and post visit survey in admin report
  • Fixed – Missing info message when changing provider status successfully

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed – Landing page is broken if provider’s title is too long
  • Fixed – Misalignment of call info button
  • Fixed various scheduling issues
    • Switching to 2nd provider will still show 1st provider’s available slots
    • All provider slots are shown instead of a specific provider’s slots only
    • Modal where picking an available slot is not working for All providers option
    • Start Visit button must be changed to Resume Visit when appointment is in progress
  • Fixed provider dashboard issues
    • Not showing walk-in patients due to visit being wrongly set to in-progress right away (related to Meeting Based Calling)
    • Visit does not show sometimes
  • Fixed – Missing prescription on exported patient file
  • Fixed – Launching window is not shown for patients when VSee Messenger is not installed yet
  • Fixed – Check out button is shown to providers sometimes when patients starts visit 
  • Fixed – Closing web chat window does not work

VSee Clinic Mobile 1.9


  • New – Various UI/UX improvements
  • New – Meeting Based Calling
  • New –  Add instruction screen before Waiting Room step
  • New – Ability for users to view/delete uploaded image
  • Fixed – Getting stuck sometimes at Select Pharmacy screen when entering room
  • Fixed – Unable to attach photo before entering room (Oppo phone)
  • Fixed – Unable to log in when user switches room
  • Fixed occasional app crashes
    • When entering room and selecting a charged visit
    • During signup verification step
    • When sending an image/message via chat


  • New – Various UI/UX improvements
  • New – Meeting Based Calling
  • Fixed various payment-related bugs
    • Add Payment method is shown instead of Next when having two credit cards
    • Next button is changed to Add payment method button when clicked
    • Unable to proceed to the next step when promo code is 100% 
    • Unable to proceed to the next step for free visits and credit card is configured both to show always and only optional 
    • Requests patient to input card during booking even when clinic is configured not to
    • Unable to delete an already validated credit card card due to warning ‘The card number is not a valid credit card number’ 
    • Fixed – Unable to search pharmacy with option to include mail order pharmacy
  • Fixed –  Should not show items in Family History when user unchecked sub items
  • Fixed – Text is overlapped by Next button
  • Fixed – Dependent info should not show health data of main patient
  • Fixed – Missing Phone and Pin info for upcoming visit for meeting based calling
  • Fixed – Unread chat number is not showing on chat item list
  • Fixed – Standard flow is broken when a second visit is started (certain conditions)

This update will cause no downtime and will not interfere with any scheduled or ongoing clinic appointments.

We are more than happy to answer questions that you may have about this release. Please contact us at support@vsee.com.

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