VSee Messenger Release 4.7

This release is to be rolled out 3rd week of October 2019.

1. Lip sync issue experienced during group calls is now fixed.

2. Audio is muted on device if user joins via phone bridge.

This feature is now available in Windows and iOS. It is available for Mac and Android since 4.6 release.

3. Delete recent call record

For all clients (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), there is now an option to delete your recent call or meeting history record.

Summary of Changes Listed Below

All clients:
  • New – added ability to delete meeting history.
  • Improvement – reconnect to the server more quickly when lost connection. 
  • Fixed – lip sync issue in group call.
  • Fixed – issue where user is unable to join a call because in-call status isn’t clear from previous logged in.
  • Fixed – wrong warning on video window showing lost video feed in group call.
  • Fixed – group call history showing participant who was invited, but did not really join the meeting.
  • New – mute audio on device if user joins the call via phone.
  • New – added UI option to allow deleting meeting history.
  • New – added in-call group chat icon.
  • Improvement – only allow remote control when app share window is in the foreground.
  • Fixed – wrong UI setting for starting app on Windows startup when it is not.
  • Fixed – crashes.
  • New – added support for macOS Catalina.
  • New – moved dialing/connecting view to video window.
  • New – added UI to allow deleting meeting history.
  • Improvement – video rendering which helps with CPU usage.
  • Fixed – some video window UI not showing for older macOS.
  • Fixed – adding aux-cam when main-cam has not been chosen.
  • Fixed – bring app share window to foreground when it is being shared.
  • Fixed – the state of app share tool is not synced between local app share and remote app share.
  • Fixed – crashes.
  • Improvement – app icon quality on home screen for some Android devices.
  • Fixed – wrong presence status for contacts on some accounts for first time login.
  • Fixed – crashes.
iPad and iPhone:
  • New – mute audio on device if user joins the call via phone.
  • Improvement – allow system messages to be included as the most recent chat message.
  • Fixed – camera permission is not being asked when starting video causing no video during call.
  • Fixed – crashes.

Minor Releases

We released version 4.7.1 (Mac only) 3rd week of Nov 2019. Change list is here.
We released version 4.7.2 (Mac only) 3rd week of Dec 2019. Change list is below.

  • New – added proxy support for video calls through relay servers.
  • Fixed – sometimes recorded video file is corrupted which is caused by invalid video resolution.
  • Fixed – green waveform for input audio sometimes does not show up on local video window for Mac client.

We are more than happy to answer your questions! Please contact us at support@vsee.com

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