VSee Telemedicine in the Amazon Rainforest with Dr. Yogi

In July, a team of professionals from the University of Sao Paolo returned to the Amazon rainforest to support the populations of the Amazon rainforest. Led by Dr. Milton Yogi, an ophthalmic surgeon based in San Paolo, they have done this every year for the past 10 year. Dividing into nine strategic groups, they set out to meet the needs of 44 locations deep in the rainforest, including the tiny community of Santa Caterina. This year, 69 volunteers came, and they brought an innovation to the Amazon: VSee telemedicine.

With VSee, the volunteers had 24-hour access to a broadband satellite system, which connected them to doctors far away. Thanks to this new technology, it was possible for the first time to perform telemedicine in the rainforest by means of a webcam linked to nine doctors in Sao Paulo.

They created a use case that details their experiences using VSee telemedicine (2:17). Watch the video (in Portuguese) here:

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