The Year Ahead for VSee Telemedicine

happy new year from VSee!

Dear Friends,

2014 was a pivotal year for us as the telemedicine and telehealth markets finally exploded. We have been working with visionaries such as MDLIVE-Walgreens, Focus Cura, Intermountain Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic for a number of years. And now everyone else is knocking down our doors wanting telemedicine! Doctors and hospitals are finding VSee’s simple design and strong security to be the perfect solution for video telemedicine.

Our 2014 highlights:

  • Grew and pivoted our design and engineering team to focus on healthcare
  • Made numerous improvements to VSee’s mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop video performance
  • Launched VSee OneClick Waiting Room
  • Launched VSee Cloud Medical Office (calendar and payment)
  • Completed the ninth generation of the VSee Telemedicine Kit
  • Launched VSee Telemedicine Cart
  • Signed partnership with Dell where they have embedded VSee waiting room into their patient portals, and our CEO Milton spoke on the same panel as Michael Dell at Dell World
  • Traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to set up telesurgery and refugee telemedicine clinics
  • Chosen by NASA to be the official solution in space, going live with VSee aboard the International Space Station

Our 2015 focuses:

  • Help our partners with user adoption by polishing the user experience and improving the VSee eVisit platform
  • Increase performance of VSee audio, video, and web chat API / SDK
  • Enhance VSee OneClick Waiting Room and Cloud Medical Office so any doctor can set up a telemedicine practice within 24 hours

Please contact to get a demo of VSee Cloud Medical Office. Thanks again for your support and Happy 2015 from the VSee Team!

IBM Connections VSee Plugin Makes Video Conference Simple

Link: VSee integration with IBM Connections [VIDEO]

VSee’s simplest one-click video conferencing and screen share is better than Skype, and you can use it right from your IBM Connections platform without any hoo-hah.  Make your virtual teams more productive and social.  Effortlessly put a live face to presentations, meetings, and work sessions and

  • build durable relationships
  • resolve complex issues
  • convey trust
  • shorten the sales cycle
  • recruit the best-fit talent for your team

VSee integration with IBM Connections allows interactions to smoothly flow from IBM Connections to VSee IM to VSee video conference + screen share.  Also, with single sign on, seamless no-admin download, and one-click calling, VSee makes it easy to get things done.

Get the VSee plugin from the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog now.


You can integrate VSee into your website or social network, too!  VSee’s simple, rich API that allows anyone to integrate video chat into her application in just a few hours. VSee API also supports secure medical work flows such as for patient engagement, triage, and virtual waitrooms.

For more information, contact today!

Also look for us at the upcoming IBM Lotusphere/Connect Conference January 27-31, 2013.

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Work From Home, Lose Out On Pay Raises and Promotions

blindTelecommuters, beware!  You may not be getting the credit that you deserve.  Time Moneyland reports that just showing up for work really does win brownie points putting those who work from home at a disadvantage.  In a recent article for MIT Sloan Management Review, Professors Kimberly Elsbach of UC Davis and Daniel Cable of the London Business School discuss how simply being a productive worker doesn’t necessarily score you points with your boss if you don’t put in enough face time to go along with it.

In their past 10 years of research, they have found that “just being seen at work, without any information about what you’re actually doing, leads people to think more highly of you.”  They further note that if you mush extra hard, putting in those sleeping-under-the-desk hours “rather than just being considered dependable, you can get upgraded to ‘committed’ and ‘dedicated.’”

The worst part is many managers don’t even realize they are grading you on your seat time rather than your productivity.  So even though you may be working just as hard as your in-office counterpart, it’s highly likely that you are receiving lower performance evaluations, less pay, and fewer promotions .

Fortunately, there are some remote worker tactics you can use to combat this absentee perception to get the pay raises and promotions you deserve.  Time summarizes:

Responding to emails immediately is important because it shows that you’re just as available from home as you would be in the office.

Regular phone and email updates, especially after hours [my italics], can show office workers that you know how to stay on task independently.

Telecommuters should also work to be extra visible when they do come in the office and make sure their co-workers are aware of who they are.

Also, don’t forget to use video whenever you can.  Video calling is more humanizing than email or phone and is better able to build strong trust for work relationships.  Furthermore, with more workers having flex schedules and more easy-to-use applications such as VSee, Skype, or Facetime becoming widely available, video calling is quickly becoming a required communication tool of the growing mobile workforce.

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6 Most Common Skype Interview Mistakes

messy desk
You’ve just landed your first job interview by video conference, and you haven’t a clue what to do.  Never fear! We’ve gathered 12 expert job interview tips from our seasoned VSee interviewers. This week, we’re  sharing 6 of the most common video conference job interview mistakes they’ve seen people make. 
Continue Reading…

Is Your Polycom or Cisco Secure Against Eavesdroppers?


 photo creditjsmjr via Flickr

It sounds like something from a spy thriller:  A cyber hacker listens in on a board meeting through high tech remote control cameras that allow him or her to zoom in to capture images of confidential documents as the unsuspecting victims wrangle over several critical issues.  The problem is if you’re an organization or business with videoconferencing equipment in your boardroom, this scenario could easily happen to you according to the NY Times article “Cameras May Open Up The Boardroom To Hackers.”


Videoconferencing Convenience or Security?

It turns out that traditional H.323 systems like Polycom, Cisco, Logitech LifeSize, Sony, and others are

Continue Reading…

VSee Launches Web Video Calling Plugin for Unified Communications Software

For this year’s Lotusphere 2012, VSee is releasing a plugin for IBM Sametime that makes group video chat and and application-sharing both easy and secure.  The plugin fits nicely into this year’s theme of “Business. Made Social.” by making face-to-face contact with customers and colleagues quick and convenient.  With a single click it is possible to connect, communicate, and share information with others just as though everyone were sitting side by side.  This kind of emphasis on collaboration and social interactions is what makes IBM such a successful company, according to Mark Fidelman’s article on Business Insider.

Fidelman says, “Work creates a unique social bond…between people, technology, and culture…that must also evolve…[and] responds [sic] to market conditions and customer demands.”  For him, IBM has done this better than any other large company around by “fostering innovation through co-creation with its employees, suppliers, partners and customers.”  IBM VP Sandy Carter partly credits this to their use of social technology, “employees use social computing tools to foster collaboration, disseminate and consume news, develop networks, forge closer relationships, and build credibility.”  (Btw, Carter is also a Lotusphere speaker – Session BPDD104: Accelerate Your Social Business AGENDA: A Complete Framework, Practical Examples, And Expert Guidance For Partners Executing On IBM Social Business.)

The VSee web video calling integration is one such social collaboration tool that can help companies evolve into an effective social business.  Research has shown that seeing faces is an important factor in forging those closer relationships, and building your credibility.  Consider your own experiences, and the difference between the relationship you develop during a webinar presentation and the relationship you develop during a 10 minute video call conversation.

Join us next week at Lotusphere in booth #810 or contact sales for a demo.

See full press release here

Video Teaser – IBM Lotusphere & Connect 2012 Coming Soon!

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Blue Jeans = Skype + Polycom: Water And Oil Don’t Mix

oil and water don't mix

photo credit: bitjungle

Blue Jeans Network is a hot video conferencing startup that has been gaining a lot of attention even since before the public release of its product earlier this year.  They raised $23M from a set of A-list investors with its cloud-based solution that aims to bridge any video conferencing platform from any device anywhere including room-based Polycom and Cisco, desktop Skype and GoogleTalk, and mobile Skype and Android tablet.

I had the chance to drop by their booth at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference last week after I gave my talk and was quite impressed with their demo.  They showed me how beautifully Skype linked with Polycom on both desktop and tablet.  The video quality was good, and overall I thought everything was very well done.

The Blue Jeans video conferencing User Experience

However, when I examined the design of  how they make calls and share applications, I realized this is where Blue Jeans had issues.  Continue Reading…

VSee Features Highlight – Invites

VSee is going social!

If you have ever thought that VSee was a great program and wished there was an easy way to share it with others, then you need to try out new “Invite” feature which makes it simple to bring your friends and coworkers into the VSee family.

Just get your handy list of e-mail addresses ready and click on the green “invite” button  width=located in your address book.


You can send any number of “invites” at one time.  Invite your whole department if you want.  The best part is once your invitees have accepted your invitation and have set up VSee accounts, they will be automatically added to your address book!

Continue Reading…

Is It Okay To Check E-mail During A Video Conference?

 width=Last week, I came across this Entrepreneur article on video conferencing etiquette, and now I’m dying to hear what everybody thinks should be in the “rules of video conferencing etiquette.”  As noted in the article, we’re on rather new turf when it comes to video conferencing, so the rules are still evolving, and the traditional politesse of face-to-face and phone don’t necessarily apply.

Why bother with etiquette?

For me etiquette deals with two main issues:

  1. Beauty – making the visual and technical experience as painless and pleasant as possible, and
  2. Social Sensitivity – making participants feel respected, acknowledged, and able to contribute.

Of course these two things often go hand in hand, like the rule of no gum-chewing.  Aesthetically, it’s not particularly pleasant to have to watch and listen to someone chomp on gum as they’re talking.  Culturally, it’s probablyContinue Reading…

Alert! You Have Too Many Unread E-mails


Photo credit: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Melissa Russell/Released

E-mail has never been a priority for me.  My husband, on the other hand, is always very diligent about checking his e-mail daily for important information.  I go through phases when I’m very responsive and phases when I forget it exists.   However, since becoming a remote worker, electronic communication has become my very life’s blood, and I try my best to be more electronically communicative and responsible, but it can be overwhelming.  Recently, I checked out Julie Morgenstern’s book Never Check E-mail In The Morning and was inspired by her e-mail management advice.  It made me realize that very few of us are trained to use e-mail effectively.

Some Interesting E-mailing Statistics 

Fact #1 Whether you’re someone who sends out over 20 e-mails a day or 5 e-mails a day, it turns out that the time people spend on e-mail is between 30-90 minutes each day.*

Fact #2 In a 2003 study of a Fortune 500 company, it took a worker an average of 1 minute and 44 seconds to react to an e-mail alert–that is, to open the e-mail program and to interact with it (read, compose, reply, forward).

Fact #3 In that same study, it took an average of 64 seconds toContinue Reading…

Telework: An Antidote To Micromanaging

 width=Trusting Teleworkers

It turns out that teleworkers are less prone to misconduct than office-bound workers.  It’s uncertain whether this is because

I’d like to believe in that last point, as BNN’s Evil HR Lady suggests: People who are treated as capable, responsible adults will act as such whereas people who are treated like lazy, untrustworthy bums are also going to live up to those expectations.  Doesn’t the fact that there are universities that trust their students to proctor their own exams show proof of this?  On the other hand, doesn’t the frustration that we’ve all suffered at the hands of some micromanager indicate that this may not be the most effective way of making people productive?Continue Reading…

Videoconference Interviews Are Replacing The Face-to-Face


Face-to-face interviews are the preferred selection tool for recruiters, but this may be changing as videoconference technology becomes more available and easy to use.   It  doesn’t hurt that videoconference interviews take up less resources in terms of people, time, money, and environmental impact.  They allow companies to broaden their applicant pool in a world that’s becoming more globally competitive.  More than half of the largest U.S. companies do videoconference interviews. The Modern Language Association (MLA) has increased their use of videoconference interviews from 12% to 18%, and any college career center worth its saltContinue Reading…

A Great Customer Service Experience Can Be One Click Away

Summary:  An example of how a one-click Skype call improved my customer service experience, and how a VSee video call with screen-share could make it even better.

Yesterday afternoon, after discovering that my tires had been slashed, I was online trying to figure out if my insurance policy would cover the damage. (Yes, BIG, annoying bummer, but fortunately I telework!).  I wasn’t having much luck because they wanted me to get an account online first, which I really didn’t want at that point.

Well, lo and behold, I noticed this little link that said something like “Click me for a free Skype call.”  I’ve seen plenty of live chat links forContinue Reading…

Freedom Rings–You Can’t Run From It Anymore

Here is a link is to a video I made of a Primerica agent who swears by Ring (powered by VSee).  This was at the Primerica show a few weeks ago.  If you fast forward to about 6:00 min, he does 1:45 min story on how he showed an elderly, reluctant agent how to use VSee (transcript below).  He gets a call later that same day from him saying he closed a deal using it!  The first half of the video is his experience, but the audio is weak, so I’ve highlighted some of the things he talks about:

using Ring even with people who don’t have a camera or a speaker–“just have him put you on speaker phone, tell him to watch his screen, show him a quick quote, here are the questions,  get your mouse ready, sign the application, done in 15 minutes”

keeping appointments that otherwise would have been canceled due to weather–“In Virginia when it snows, the whole city shuts down.  It takes them days to shovel the roads.  Half the appointments are canceled.  It’s a great way to make some sales because then I know they’re at home”

time and money savings from not having to drive to an appointment–“drive time alone is an hour, then I spend 45 minutes at their hoem”

customers enjoy and are impressed with the technology-“it’s a new generation, they’re all under 35 so it’s a given with them. They all Skype and gTalk anyways.

reduce paperwork–“I have guys who groan when they see the stack of paperwork I pull out, especially transferring back and forth.  With this, one time through…click,click,click, and they’re done”Continue Reading…

VSee’s No Vacation Policy

honor system vegetable stand, photo by Allan Gathman

Summary:  Inspired by Hubspot, VSee is also implementing a policy of “no policy on vacations” as a company culture hack.  Let us know if you think it will work!

Who’s The Nut With The Bright Idea
Dharmesh Shah is a serial founder that I admire a lot for his scientific approach to the startup process.  He goes at with simple, direct “hacks” that identify and address the heart of a problem.  He is currently with Hubspot, an Internet marketing company that he and MIT pal Brian Halligan grew from their fascination with the impact that the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies were having on small businesses.  Hubspot is also backed by Salesforce, Google, and Sequoia, currentlyContinue Reading…

Team Building: A Lesson From Rugby

team building huddleSomeone had asked earlier what team building exercises VSee does.  My initial reaction was “we don’t,” because we don’t really do ropes courses or packaged team building retreats, but I realized that one of the most important team building exercises we do is the daily stand-up meeting.  Jason Yip of Thoughtworks wrote an excellent piece on“Patterns Of Daily Stand-Up Meetings” noted that just regularly communicating, working together, and helping each other does a much better job of team-building than any contrived exercises could. /><a class=Continue Reading…

A Missing Link in the History of the Videophone

There are many historical time lines of videoconferencing on the Internet. A nice one is from an earlier post on this very blog. Most of these histories identify the AT&T ikonophone as the first working video phone. Although a milestone in its own right, it was not the first videophone as we think of them today. While the audio was two-way, the video was only one-way.

The first true videophone system, with two-way video and two-way audio, came about in Nazi Germany.

 width=Continue Reading…

How Critical Is Instant Messaging When Making Video Calls?

 width=At last Friday’s lunch meeting, what started off as a walk-through of the VSee development road map, highlighting recent improvements and anticipating future features and functionality, quickly degenerated into passionate debate about whether VSee needed to include instant messaging in it’s next major release.

I don’t think it was a question of whether or not we want to have this function, but rather  a question ofContinue Reading…

No Teleworker Left Behind

If a teleworker is fearing that he or she is less valued than an on-site worker I would say either 1) that person has a bad manager or 2) that manager doesn’t know how to manage a remote team.  It has been well-documented that remote workers lose a lot of valuable social interactions with their coworkers over distance, which may lead to lowered personal trust, a sense of isolation, pent up frustrations, and weakened social ties and group identification.  These problems can be overcome with time and effort by recognizing the needs of the remote worker.  Since the manager often becomes the person’s lifeline to the company, it is the manager’s job toContinue Reading…

VSee is nimble. VSee is quick. VSee is your collaboration wish.

Over the last few weeks of working at VSee, I’ve been realizing that VSee is more than just a videoconferencing tool.  It’s a video collaboration tool.  Of course, it can do the things that videoconferencing does, but on a much more dynamic and work-friendly scale.  It’s the difference between a big elephant and a nimble mouse.

Videoconferencing is great for things like talking, interviewing, and formal staff meetings because it’s rich in human information, and it makes you feel like person, not just a disembodied machine.  However, the equipment tends to be too cumbersome and tedious for spur of the moment use.

“Well, what about Skype?” you say.Continue Reading…

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