The Year Ahead for VSee Telemedicine

happy new year from VSee!

Dear Friends,

2014 was a pivotal year for us as the telemedicine and telehealth markets finally exploded. We have been working with visionaries such as MDLIVE-Walgreens, Focus Cura, Intermountain Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic for a number of years. And now everyone else is knocking down our doors wanting telemedicine! Doctors and hospitals are finding VSee’s simple design and strong security to be the perfect solution for video telemedicine.

Our 2014 highlights:

  • Grew and pivoted our design and engineering team to focus on healthcare
  • Made numerous improvements to VSee’s mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop video performance
  • Launched VSee OneClick Waiting Room
  • Launched VSee Cloud Medical Office (calendar and payment)
  • Completed the ninth generation of the VSee Telemedicine Kit
  • Launched VSee Telemedicine Cart
  • Signed partnership with Dell where they have embedded VSee waiting room into their patient portals, and our CEO Milton spoke on the same panel as Michael Dell at Dell World
  • Traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to set up telesurgery and refugee telemedicine clinics
  • Chosen by NASA to be the official solution in space, going live with VSee aboard the International Space Station

Our 2015 focuses:

  • Help our partners with user adoption by polishing the user experience and improving the VSee eVisit platform
  • Increase performance of VSee audio, video, and web chat API / SDK
  • Enhance VSee OneClick Waiting Room and Cloud Medical Office so any doctor can set up a telemedicine practice within 24 hours

Please contact to get a demo of VSee Cloud Medical Office. Thanks again for your support and Happy 2015 from the VSee Team!

IBM Connections VSee Plugin Makes Video Conference Simple

Link: VSee integration with IBM Connections [VIDEO]

VSee’s simplest one-click video conferencing and screen share is better than Skype, and you can use it right from your IBM Connections platform without any hoo-hah.  Make your virtual teams more productive and social.  Effortlessly put a live face to presentations, meetings, and work sessions and

  • build durable relationships
  • resolve complex issues
  • convey trust
  • shorten the sales cycle
  • recruit the best-fit talent for your team

VSee integration with IBM Connections allows interactions to smoothly flow from IBM Connections to VSee IM to VSee video conference + screen share.  Also, with single sign on, seamless no-admin download, and one-click calling, VSee makes it easy to get things done.

Get the VSee plugin from the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog now.


You can integrate VSee into your website or social network, too!  VSee’s simple, rich API that allows anyone to integrate video chat into her application in just a few hours. VSee API also supports secure medical work flows such as for patient engagement, triage, and virtual waitrooms.

For more information, contact today!

Also look for us at the upcoming IBM Lotusphere/Connect Conference January 27-31, 2013.

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Work From Home, Lose Out On Pay Raises and Promotions

blindTelecommuters, beware!  You may not be getting the credit that you deserve.  Time Moneyland reports that just showing up for work really does win brownie points putting those who work from home at a disadvantage.  In a recent article for MIT Sloan Management Review, Professors Kimberly Elsbach of UC Davis and Daniel Cable of the London Business School discuss how simply being a productive worker doesn’t necessarily score you points with your boss if you don’t put in enough face time to go along with it.

In their past 10 years of research, they have found that “just being seen at work, without any information about what you’re actually doing, leads people to think more highly of you.”  They further note that if you mush extra hard, putting in those sleeping-under-the-desk hours “rather than just being considered dependable, you can get upgraded to ‘committed’ and ‘dedicated.’”

The worst part is many managers don’t even realize they are grading you on your seat time rather than your productivity.  So even though you may be working just as hard as your in-office counterpart, it’s highly likely that you are receiving lower performance evaluations, less pay, and fewer promotions .

Fortunately, there are some remote worker tactics you can use to combat this absentee perception to get the pay raises and promotions you deserve.  Time summarizes:

Responding to emails immediately is important because it shows that you’re just as available from home as you would be in the office.

Regular phone and email updates, especially after hours [my italics], can show office workers that you know how to stay on task independently.

Telecommuters should also work to be extra visible when they do come in the office and make sure their co-workers are aware of who they are.

Also, don’t forget to use video whenever you can.  Video calling is more humanizing than email or phone and is better able to build strong trust for work relationships.  Furthermore, with more workers having flex schedules and more easy-to-use applications such as VSee, Skype, or Facetime becoming widely available, video calling is quickly becoming a required communication tool of the growing mobile workforce.

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