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Building Telemedicine Infrastructure in Iraqi Kurdistan

I had the privilege of traveling to Iraq Kurdistan twice in the past two years to help bring much needed telemedicine infrastructure and surgical services to refugees and the local inhabitants. For this I have to thank the work of  renowned hepatic surgeon Dr. Gazi Zibari.  Continue Reading…

VSee, DLR, Grossman Burn Foundation, and Hollywood Special Effects Legend Team Up To Help Victims of Domestic Violence

In the developing world burns are common as most people cook over fires.  Clothing catches on fire, hot oil gets spilled and lives are forever changed or often even lost. Over the holidays our friend Randy Roberson from Disaster Logistics Relief (DLR) shared with us how VSee telemedicine has been…

Videoconferencing Surgery: Future For the Developing World

A big thanks to guest blogger Cyndi Laurenti for her research on how telemedicine and telesurgery are positively affecting the developing world.  Cyndi recently graduated with a degree in International Relations and is interested in how public policy affects all spheres of life.  She can be reached at laurenticy@gmail.com. Videoconferencing has provided…

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