VSee loves Primerica – where Freedom Rings

Last week, Milton, Yuen-lin, Julio, and Casey attended the big Primerica convention at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.  It’s like the mother of all conventions with exciting speakers, exhibits, and over 60,000 in attendance –a great opportunity to show off VSee’s impact and versatility as a sales tool.


It was pretty exciting to see a sea of more than 5000 people in the sales tools technology workshop (above) demonstrating how effective VSee-powered Primerica Ring is for reaching customers.  You can also check out a short clip from the workshop to see the enthusiasm of the crowd.



Here's Milton with Mike Adams, Executive VP of Field Technologies at Primerica and VSee enthusiast.



Hundreds of people lined up each day to get a demonstration of VSee-powered Primerica Ring

It’s been a long day’s night. The VSee team finally has a chance to eat and relax at the end of an exhausting day of demos.
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  • anne
    Ms. C.D.Alexander says:

    My Regional Vice President of Primerica Loves It. Mrs. M. Young. I am learning it to connect my team in Omaha with Mrs. Young’s team in Lincoln. GO Vsee GO!!!!!!!!

  • anne
    anne says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Ms. Alexander!

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