Telemedicine by Satellite

You can conduct a telemedicine consultation over any kind of internet connection. For patients in remote areas with no connectivity, satellite internet is the answer. The VSee team relied on satellite internet when we deployed telemedicine to refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Watch this video to learn more about how satellite internet works.

As you can see, satellite internet allows people to connect when wi-fi and 4G are out of the question. Thanks to satellite internet, anyone can see a doctor through telemedicine.

VSee, Shared Studios & the American Center in Yangon Host the First Telemedicine Conference for Myanmar


In partnership with Shared Studios, VSee brought the benefits of telemedicine to Myanmar with the first telemedicine conference in Myanmar at the American Center in Yangon.  

The Telemedicine: Future of Healthcare conference was held on November 22. VSee co-sponsored this half-day event which included talks from VSee and major US health systems – Ascension Health and Seton Healthcare Family.

Participants experienced first-hand, state-of-the-art telemedicine solutions Continue Reading…

VSee Update Version 3.4 – Chat Syncing & Improved Android Battery Efficiency

VSee api update release

This week, VSee released new versions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

  • Windows – version 3.4
  • Android – version 1.8

We’ve put a lot of work in improving the Android version for this release: No more battery drain or high data use!
Luckily, we’ve also managed to pack a ton of fixes and smaller improvements into the code for all platforms and some significant under-the-hood work for our upcoming features!

Happy Holidays from the VSee Team!

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Telehealth Conference a Huge Success

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Thank you for an Awesome #TFSS Conference!!

When Milton (VSee CEO) decided in late, late August that we had to do this telehealth conference, and we had to do it before the year was out, we had no idea what we were getting into or what kind of response we would get. The response and feedback we’ve received on this first Telehealth Failures & Secrets To Success conference has been absolutely overwhelming.

Microsoft speaker and Director of Worldwide Health & Productivity, Paul Smolke, wrote in to say “the format and content was incredible. Your company’s passion to leverage technology to improve the delivery of healthcare is refreshing and admirable.”

Many other attendees also wrote in:

-Great conference I wish my entire team came, you will need a bigger venue next year

-Provided the most honest look at the business of telemedicine & telehealth of any conference ever

-Absolutely phenomenal experience. Very well done, informative and fun! Thank you!

-Thank you so much for a wonderful conference. Hands down the best group of people I have had the pleasure with whom to have spent the last 3 days.

Truly, it was a worthwhile time of bonding and candid discussion around the problems of a creating a sustainable telehealth enterprise. From breathtaking views of future applications to the nitty gritty on implementation and billing, I believe all who attended were inspired or re-inspired to make telehealth an every day reality.


Over 150 health care executives, physicians, and health technology experts gathered for three days of networking, sharing insights, and expert talks. Many speakers shared their own war stories, telehealth implementation tips, and lessons learned. You can review a selection of those insights on VSee’s Facebook page or with the hashtag #TFSS on Twitter

Featured speakers included Jim Mault, VP & Chief Medical Officer of Qualcomm Life; John Sotos, Chief Medical Officer of Intel, Kristi Henderson VP of Virtual Care & Innovation at Seton Healthcare; Prentice Tom, Chief Medical/Innovation Officer at CEP America; and Randy Parker, Founder of MDLIVE.

The VSee team was there in full force to demonstrate Cloud Clinic, as well as how doctors use VSee’s technology to live-stream their peripheral medical devices. Laurence Girard, CEO of FruitStreet, also had a table where he showed off their health and wellness platform.

The event was a huge success! Everyone at VSee looks forward to organizing an even bigger one in 2017 and making this telehealth conference an annual tradition.


Telemedicine Solves the Shortage of Doctors

In every country around the world there is a critical shortage of doctors and nurses everywhere. If you live in a rural area, you are probably especially hard hit. Fortunately, telemedicine is an innovative way to address this critical shortage of doctors in rural areas.

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