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How To Go Viral with Healthcare Innovation — Homero Rivas, MD

How can we get innovations in healthcare adopted more quickly? What does it take to cut down the 17-year healthcare adoption cycle? How can we get doctors to be more open to new ideas? Do we need to change how doctors are trained? Join Stanford’s Director of Innovative Surgery, Homero…

2018 Telehealth Trends You Need To Know — Kristi Henderson, Seton Health

What are the emerging technologies and new regulations that will shape telehealth going into 2018? Anticipate 2018 telehealth trends. What are important lessons we need to learn from 2017? Join us as we kick off the 2018 season of Telehealth Failures & Secret To Success with Kristi Henderson, pioneering telehealth…

7 Secrets of Telehealth Adoption – Dr. Milton Chen (VSee)

Slides 7 Secrets of Telehealth Adoption from VSee

Lessons learned from years of telehealth deployment – Sigi Marmorstein (DaVita)

Slides Telemed done right: Lessons learned from 40+ implementations – Sigi Marmostein, DaVita from VSee

Converting patients and providers to Telepsych – Dr. Udi Zaken & Anisha (PCPASF)

Slides Please don't charge me! Converting patients and providers to Telepsych from VSee

Direct to Consumer vs. Organic Growth – Michael Greiwe,MD (OrthoLive)

Slides Director to Consumer vs. Organic Growth – What works? from VSee

Telehealth: Visions, Barriers, Realization – Karyn DiGiorgio (University of California)

Slides Telehealth: Vision, Barriers, Realization from VSee

Will the next generation of doctors be ready for telehealth? – Homero Rivas, MD (Stanford University)

Slides Will the next generation of doctors be ready for telehealth? from VSee

Stories and insights from 40 years in healthcare innovation – Michael Lesner (PBS)

  Slides Stories and insights from 40 years in healthcare innovation from VSee

The patient won’t see me now, or at all… if they can help it – Stefano A Bini, MD (UCSF)

Slides The patient won’t see me now, or at all… if they can help it from VSee

5 Business Strategies to Grow Your Telehealth Enterprise- Alex Guastella, Stride and Associates

How does a healthcare company go from 0 to 200 employees in under 3 years? Meet one of the former driving forces behind its go-to-market strategy and growth execution to learn how you can explode your telehealth enterprise. To carry on the discussion in real life, join the Telehealth Failures and Secrets…

Tips to jumpstart your telemedicine program for addiction — Jeremy Martinez MD, Matrix Institute on Addictions

Addiction treatment is expected to grow to a $42 billion business by 2020. Like the rest of healthcare, addiction facilities are turning to telemedicine for potential ways to enhance treatment and recovery for people. However, adoption has been slowed by implementation costs, confidentiality regulations, telemedicine reimbursement, providers’ unfamiliarity with technology,…

Top 10 Tips for Making Telehealth work: A Physician Perspective — Michael Rodriguez MD, Fairfax Family Practice Centers

Need practical tips on how to set up and deploy telemedicine for your clinic or practice? Here are the top 10 tips for making telehealth work from a physician perspective. Dr. Rodriguez shares his first hand experiences of putting together the processes and technology needed to provide telemedicine to his…

What Do Telemedicine, Blockbuster, and Netflix Have In Common?— Randy Parker, MDLIVE

What does the failure of Blockbuster and the success of Netflix have to teach us about succeeding at telehealth?  With his 30 years of experience in the media industry and 10 years in the digital health industry, Randy Parker, founder and Chief Business Developer of the MDLIVE, prepares us to…

6 Things Telehealth Needs To Learn from Facebook

What is needed to get everyone doing telehealth the way Facebook got everyone sharing online? Young, hotshot CEO of Epharmix, Blake Marggraff is aiming to be the Mark Zuckerberg of telehealth. Join this week’s TFSS webinar as Blake shares his vision for the digital health world and his experiences from…

How To Set Up Telehealth To Enhance Your Practice

Starting up telehealth services in one of the most highly regulated fields in the US can be like walking a minefield. Join our #TFSS webinar guest Ranya Habash, MD – an elite eye surgeon who has successfully added telehealth services to her practice and Chief Medical Officer of Everbridge. .…

Telehealth User Adoption: Blackholes and Bullseyes — Doug Shinsato, CEO, Anthill Ventures

Ninety-five percent of digital healthcare startups are destined to fail. What sets apart the winners from the losers? What does it take to succeed in business of telemedicine? Doug Shinsato, CEO of Anthill Ventures seed incubator and management consultant firm gives us an investor’s perspective of the telemedicine industry and…

Success in Telemedicine: The Nitty Gritty on Implementation, Billing, & Patient Engagement — Ranya Habash, MD – Everbridge, Hipaachat

Telemedicine success comes from simple solutions easily adopted by physicians Telemedicine has been practiced for years where it has been saving taxpayers money such as in the Texas prisons. The problem was that mainstream telemedicine devices were clunky and complicated to use. Physicians then and now were not willing to…

The Telehealth Adoption Black Hole – Milton Chen, VSee

The telehealth industry’s biggest challenge is a lack of adoption among patients and consumers. Why aren’t more people using the telehealth technology available to them? Why is there a telemedicine adoption blackhole?Continue Reading…